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AC replacement

If you’re like most homeowners, you live in fear of the day when you’re going to have to decide whether or not it’s time to make the investment in a new air conditioning unit for your home. Replacing an air conditioning unit is never really a cheap process, but at the same time, continuing to pour money into repairs for an older AC unit that seems to be on its last legs is an investment that is never going to pay off. Determining when the time is right to make the investment in a brand-new unit can be a difficult decision, however, as many homeowners don’t really know when the right time to do so is. To help you in that effort, our team of skilled Riverside air conditioning contractors has taken the time to put together this short list containing several helpful tips that can assist you in determining when the time is right to make the investment in a replacement for your old AC unit.

ac unit

Your AC Is More Than 10 Years Old

In general, most air conditioning units that have been properly maintained over the course of their lifetimes have a lifespan of around 15 years, and if you find yourself with an air conditioning unit that is older than 10 years and you’re facing down some fairly expensive repairs, it might actually make more sense to go ahead and replace the unit. Once your air conditioning unit starts to reach this point in its lifespan, the likelihood of it bouncing back and performing efficiently after major repairs is reduced drastically, and you could easily find yourself in a situation where you are constantly shelling out money for repairs as things break down more and more often. When you consider all the advancements in efficiency over the past several years when it comes to AC units, it can become easy to see the value in breaking the cycle and investing in a quality replacement instead of expensive repairs.

Frequent Breakdowns

As your system continues to age, you are likely going to find yourself in need of professional service and repairs more and more often. If it seems like your air conditioning system is suffering from a new issue or breakdown every couple of months, it might be a better idea to go ahead and start looking at replacement options as opposed to continuing to pour money into expensive repairs time and time again. Going ahead and making the switch to a newer unit can save you a lot of money and headache in the long run.

Your System Is Inefficient

In general, older air conditioning systems weren’t designed to run as efficiently as newer systems, and if your old system has a lower SEER rating, it could be costing you a small fortune every month to run it. All newer air conditioning systems are required to have a SEER rating of at least 13 and can provide you with significant savings each month when it comes to your energy bills. If you find yourself having to pay out a great deal more than you’re comfortable with every month for your cooling bills, making the switch to a newer system can be a great way to save. While it might cost a bit more upfront, your newer, more efficient system can actually wind up paying for itself over time in the money you’ll save on a month-to-month basis in energy bills.

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