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Other than stocking up on cozy winter clothes, preparing your furnace for the winter is an essential task. Our furnaces are kept dormant throughout the year until winter arrives. The inactiveness of our furnaces results in the accumulation of dust, rusting of furnace parts, extinguishing of the pilot light, etc. One must start preparing their furnace when the leaves change color and autumn arrives. Scheduling an HVAC service in Hemet can be extremely beneficial. Other than calling your technician, you can make a list as well. To ensure that your furnace is back to business with a bang, follow this list precisely:

1. Switch on the thermostat
The first step should be to check the thermostat. Turn the dial to heating from cooling and set the temperature you desire. Inspect the wires for secure connections if the furnace does not start generating heat instantly. Check whether the power source of the HVAC is switched on. If nothing works, check the furnace fan and blower or schedule a heating repair in Hemet, CA.

2. Check the safety devices
Ensure that all your HVAC switches are turned on. All the safety devices are in place, and the wire connections are error-free. Turn on the igniter as well. Moreover, all the covers should be in place to avoid electrical issues. Relight the pilot if the flame blows off. The flame should be blue and not yellow.

3. Change the air filters
One of the most important tasks is to change the filters. Over time, the filters might have clogged, restricting the airflow when you start your furnace. You can refer to the HVAC manual to change the filters or contact a professional. If you have a humidifier, ensure to change the humidifier filter as well.

4. Remove dirt from the heat exchanger
While the unit is disabled, ensure to clean the heat exchanger with a brush or a vacuum. Along with cleaning, look for any cracks that could leak carbon monoxide when the furnace starts operating. Clean all the parts of the furnace, such as the blower fans, burners, ignition,  heat exchanger, etc.

5. Check the chimney for any obstruction
Inspect the chimney of your furnace in case any obstructions like bird nests and debris are blocking the path, building up soot and dust. Soot buildup can result in a hazardous fire. An HVAC service in Hemet can help you with chimney inspection and fixing furnace problems, if any.

6. Lubricate your furnace
To initiate your furnace’s smooth functioning, every part has to be lubricated properly. The blowers of the furnace need to be oiled for them to throw hot air effectively. Once you complete every item on this list, your furnace will be ready to heat your room in the winter. Being in touch with a professional throughout the process can make furnace preparation easy, quick, and appropriate.

AQS Heating & Air Conditioning is an HVAC company offering HVAC services in California for 30+ years. To acquire a heating repair in Hemet, CA for your furnace before winter, contact us at (833) 789-1696 today!

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