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HVAC system

A commercial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system is huge and complex. It is composed of many systems. It can be said that the purpose of such a system is catering to a wide area and a large number of people. All offices have HVAC systems in place, and all such systems require regular servicing and maintenance to ensure that they work well continuously. Their efficiency and productivity would depend upon their proper servicing and maintenance.

Why Is Maintenance Required?

Hiring a good and genuine contractor to serve your heating and cooling systems would call for a lot of thinking. This is because the maintenance of such equipment involves a lot of effort and hard work. The entire process would include cleaning, checking electrical supply/circuits, and checking power safety units, and control. Often the drainage system, the gas furnaces, and the various pumps involved in condensation require a thorough and proper check. All this would keep your heating and cooling needs well fulfilled for a longer period of time, thus the need for a genuine and authentic caregiver for your highly invested HVAC systems that may require timely checks and replacement. A well-maintained system can usually last for a period of at least 10-15 years. The following points can help us understand the key aspects of HVAC maintenance in commercial premises:

1. Replacement and/or cleansing of evaporators
This is required to ensure you have a dust-free and germ-free breathable environment in your office premises. The growth of mold is a common problem in most cooling and heating systems. Thus replacement and cleansing of evaporators is a real must.

2. Checking, replacing, and cleaning of air filters and fans
To ensure that the air circulation is dust-free, regular checks and replacements for your air filters are extremely important. The internal fans and their components in the heating system also need to be thoroughly cleaned and checked to ensure optimum performance.

3. Thorough cleansing of duct pipes, air pipes, and drain pipes
would optimize efficient energy utilization and avoid messy clogging of the drain pipes. A thorough cleaning or replacement of air pipes can assure the circulation of purified air in the building premises.

4. Inspection of power control units, electric circuits, and related internal and external wiring
This is extremely important because a regular and routine check of all the electrical units can assure the prevention of any type of mishap or accidental calamity in and around your commercial premises. The power control units or wirings may sometimes require a change due to overheating or internal cracking.

At AQS Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer commercial HVAC repair and maintenance services in Yucaipa. A good and thorough check-up of your HVAC systems can ensure long usage and quality performance. All this is offered to you by our team of skilled and qualified technicians. Our technicians strive hard to keep your systems up and going for a longer period of years.

You can visit our website and acquire an estimate of the services you require. We are a well-trusted name for HVAC repair and maintenance services in Yucaipa.

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