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HVAC Systems

HVAC refers to Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems are of two types, Commercial and Residential. Both systems may have a similar purpose of functioning, but one cannot say both systems are alike. The systems have many variations, and differences and the same major differences make each system unique in its own way.  The systems vary from each other in the following manner:

  • Cost of maintenance and installation
    Both the systems being different and complex, have different costs of installation and maintenance. Since Commercial systems are huge and complex in nature, the costs are usually high compared to Residential HVAC systems. Commercial systems require more time and effort for installation and maintenance. Hence the costs associated with them are generally high.
  • Requirement for skilled professionals
    Again, commercial HVAC systems require skilled and trained individuals for installation because the installation process is highly complex and not all that easy.  Maintenance and installation of Residential systems may not always require the help of highly qualified individuals; however, experienced professionals would be required to serve their purpose.
  • Mechanism and complexity
    The way a commercial system works is complex because the system caters to the needs of larger localities and a larger number of people. The drainage system is a combination of many portions. A residential HVAC system is simple in terms of the mechanism because it caters to the needs of a lesser number of people, and its functioning is limited to a lesser amount of area. It could be restricted to a small building premise, whereas a commercial system would have been widespread in a whole commercial complex with lots of industries, firms, and offices.
  • Portability, size, and arrangement
    Commercial systems are huge and bulky. However, they are composed of one whole package. In most cases, residential systems are in splits and not bulky. Commercial systems are placed on the roof of a building because they require a lot of space. Residential systems, on the other hand, residential systems do not require a lot of space. In most cases, a residential HVAC system could be placed outside the house, on the lawn, or back portion of the house garden. They are usually placed on the ground of the house.

AQS HVAC, A Specialist in HVAC Services

Known for Heating and Air Conditioning services, at AQS, you can avail services of both types of HVAC systems.  We even offer repair services to commercial HVACs in Yucaipa. We have been in the business for about 30 years and are known for our high-quality service. Our trained professional can cater to both your business as well as residential needs of HVAC systems such as HVAC repairs in Yucaipa.

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