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The most reliable way to ensure that your furnace stays efficiently functional for a long time is to ask an HVAC professional to timely service the furnace. Implementing the same helps the HVAC service provider detect a problem in its early stage. There could still be an issue with the furnace, which might cause trouble. That is why you must be familiar with signs that might indicate a problem with your furnace.

Five Signs that your furnace needs attention

Look out for these signs that can help identify if there is an issue with your furnace and whether you need to have it repaired:

1. Deteriorated air quality
If impurities build up inside your furnace, such as dust, bacteria, etc., the same can circulate everywhere in your home. That can reduce the air quality, and if left unattended, might have adverse effects on the health of your loved ones.

2. Reduced heating capacity
The job of a furnace is to provide heat and comfort. If your furnace is not producing adequate heat, you need to call a trustworthy HVAC service provider without any delay. In most cases, the issue arises as a result of leakages in the ductwork of the furnace. Also, there could be a calibration issue with the thermostat that might be preventing the furnace from producing sufficient heat.

3. The color of the pilot light
The pilot light in your furnace should ideally appear blue. Yet, at times, you might see that its color changes to yellow or any other color. If that is the case with your furnace, your furnace is incapable of dissipating the carbon monoxide produced in it. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous and odorless gas that is hard to detect. It is a serious issue that one should try to address at the earliest. AQS Heating and Air Conditioning can assist you with heating repair, Hemet.

4. Unusual smell
When you turn on the furnace, there can be a slight smell of the fuel burning. But, at times, you might notice that the odor is not quite like what it usually is. For instance, it could smell weird if the air filter of the furnace is unclean. The smell due to a clogged air filter is still a minor issue. It could be a bigger problem if the furnace is letting out a strong burning smell. In such cases, contact an HVAC professional immediately.

5. Weird noise
It is okay if your furnace makes a slight noise, for almost all HVAC appliances emit some sound while operating. But, if your furnace makes screeching or squealing sounds, that indicates an issue with the internal components; it could mean that the furnace has some loose parts, or there could be a problem with the motor, belt, etc.

If you see any such signs, give us a call at (833) 789-1696 We will be delighted to help you with HVAC services, Hemet.

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