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New Furnace

1. Size of the furnace
The size of the furnace is arguably one of the most important things to consider before buying a new furnace. You need to check if the furnace fits in its designated place or not. And this doesn’t mean just sliding into place. It also means whether it is too large or too small. An oversized furnace will quickly heat the room, leading to frequent heating cycles. In contrast, an undersized furnace won’t be able to heat the room at all, leading it to run constantly and consume more energy.

2. Efficiency
Efficiency matters more than the price, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. As the years pass, the efficiency of newer furnaces keeps on increasing. An efficient furnace is an intelligent investment, as it will save you much more money than it costs. So, always go for the furnace that has the highest efficiency ratings.

3. Blower type
The type of blower in the furnace matters as well. Single-speed, multi-speed, and variable-speed furnaces have different efficiency ratings. Variable-speed furnaces are the most efficient and the best option out of the three.

4. Fuel-used
The amount of fuel used by the furnace also makes an impact on the customers’ choice. Whether the furnace is gas-based, oil-based, or electricity-based, it will always have pros and cons.

  • A gas-based furnace is efficient and reduces costs but requires you to have a connection to the local gas lines.
  • An oil-based furnace is costly and produces poor-quality air but doesn’t require any external connection.
  •  An electricity-based furnace produces good quality air, but it can burn a hole in your pockets for sure.

5. Warranty period
The warranty period of different furnaces might differ according to their type. Highly efficient and expensive furnaces have a longer warranty period than their inexpensive counterparts. But you should always make sure that you’re comparing furnaces of the same price range with each other, otherwise, it can be misleading.

6. Zoning
Zoning can improve the efficiency of your furnace and lead to reduced energy costs. It involves heating only specific areas of your home, like the bedroom or an entire floor, and so on.

7. Pricing
Lastly, you should consider your budget. Buying a highly efficient furnace that cripples you financially is not an intelligent choice. You should always go for the most efficient model within your budget so that you can enjoy the warmth without over-the-top expenditure.

Apart from these, factors like rebates and incentives, maintenance expenditure, installation costs et cetera are crucial. You need to talk to an HVAC professional before choosing the furnace that suits your home the best. AQS Heating & Air Conditioning’s HVAC repair Yucaipa team is always present to help you with your furnace choices.

Give us a call at (833) 789-1696, and we’ll be there!

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