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A furnace is one of the most important things for the winter. Having a properly working and efficient furnace makes the winter cozy for you and your family. However, after installation, the working efficiency of the furnace degrades with time. In such conditions, you need to get a  heating repair in Hemet, CA. Regular repair and maintenance increase the capacity of your furnace.
If regular maintenance of the furnace is lacking it can lead to some weird kind of noise production from your furnace. These abnormal sounds can be clicking, banging, screeching, booming, rattling, humming, popping, etc. This can be very dangerous for your home and could be due to various causes.

What Can Be the Causes of the Banging Noise From the Furnace?

There could be hundreds of reasons for the production of the banging noise from the furnace. Some of the most commonly seen causes are given below:

  • If ignition of the gas is delayed
    If your furnace is not igniting the gases immediately it indicates that you should call your contractor for heating repair in Hemet, CA. There can be various reasons behind this delayed ignition, such as air mixed with gases, low pressure of gas supply, dirty or restricted pilot light, clogged burners, etc.
  • Expansion or contraction in the air ducts
    If you can hear a banging noise from your furnace several feet away, you should immediately call your contractor for heating repair in Hemet, CA. Expansion or contraction can happen due to excessive positive pressure, undesired ductwork, closed air vents, dirty air filters, and dirty ductwork.
  • Dirty furnace burners
    Over time as your furnace works it makes some dirt. This situation can be worse in case the filter is also dirty. Such kind of dirt will ultimately lead to delayed ignition of the gas and production of banging noise from the furnace.

What Should You Do if You Detect the Banging Noise From Your Furnace When It Is Starting?

You should never ignore the banging noises from your furnace when it is starting. You should immediately call a good HVAC for repair and maintenance service. You can contact AQS Heating and air conditioning for such a purpose. Here you will get the expert team who will approach you as soon as you call us. The experienced team will plan the solution to your issue according to your budget and give the best output of it.

Follow the below-given points to do when you find a banging noise from the furnace –

  • Plan annual heating repair in Hemet, CA so that the team of technicians can clean the ducts and burners.
  • Change the air filter every month to evade pressure problems in the return duct of your furnace.
  • Keep opening and cleaning all your vents to avoid pressure problems in the ducts.
  • If you are using a furnace commercially, then schedule periodic commercial HVAC repair in Yucaipa for your furnace.

You can call AQS Heating and Air Conditioning at any time. Our team will immediately approach you as soon as you will contact us. You can either call us or drop a text at (833) 789-1696.

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