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The risk of overheating exists with almost every electrical appliance. As a homeowner, you must take preventative measures like regular heating service Hemet to reduce the likelihood of an overheated furnace.

Causes Of An Overheating Furnace

  • Restricted Airflow: You’ll want to ensure your furnace operates correctly in the cold winter months. The inability to clean your air filter regularly allows it to get blocked and limit airflow. This causes your furnace to overload and heats up.
    On the other hand, blocked return vents hinder air circulation inside your system and cause it to overheat. It is essential to check your return vents and air filters often and replace them when they’re dirty.
  • Broken Glass Valve: For a gas furnace, the excessive heat may be caused by an unbroken glass valve. Glass valves, also referred to as the regulator for gas, regulates the quantity of gas pumped into the furnace.
    A malfunctioning gas regulator will not be able to regulate the quantity of gas that comes into it. A lot of gas will increase the size of the flame. This creates more heat, causing the heater to become overheated.
  • Aging Furnace: As your heating unit ages, it is worn out, and its effectiveness decreases naturally. If your heating unit is ten up to fifteen years old, it will not be a surprise if the limit switches cease to function.
    Although a heating repair by an expert in Hemet will probably fix this limit switch issue, the technician might suggest that replacing your heating system won’t be too far in the future.
  • Mechanical Failures: An issue with the furnace’s parts may cause it to overheat. A fan blower or electrical wiring issue can exist. As a result, your heating system may have a short circuit or insufficient airflow.
    Some mechanical issues might be disastrous and result in the total failure of your heating system. Scheduling routine maintenance might be beneficial since an HVAC expert can identify many problems before they worsen.

Tips To Know If The Furnace Is Overheated

  • Your furnace will shut down before completing an entire cycle to safeguard you. When the heat exchanger heats up at an unsafe temperature, the high-limit switch can detect this and immediately shuts down the heating system.
  • If you’ve recently started your heater for the first time in a while, it’s possible to smell an occasional burning smell for between 20 and 30 minutes. However, a continual burning smell is a reason to be concerned. Make contact with heating repair experts in Hemet right away.
  • A loud humming sound indicates that your motor is working too hard and may be about to quit. If this happens, you must immediately shut off your furnace if it does not shut off on its own. Call a specialist right away.

Bottom Line

If your furnace overheats, it is best to fix it as soon as possible. Delaying could result in higher future costs for expensive parts or system replacements. Call AQS Heating & Air Conditioning experts at (833) 789-1696. We provide a budget-friendly and durable heating Service Hemet.

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