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Ductless heating and cooling


  • Increased comfort: Some areas of your home may require a little more attention. With individual air handlers, you can keep your kitchen chilly while warming up the back bedroom.
  • Cost savings: Switching off furnaces or AC consumes more energy than simply letting them operate as needed. But with a ductless system, you can leave many air handlers off all day and only run one if necessary, or vice versa.
  • Space savings: Ductless air handlers are frequently wall-mounted. It saves room in your home that a huge central air conditioner or even heat pump system would take up.
  • Individual connection: Each air handler serves a single room. A single condensing unit may heat or cool up to eight independent rooms using a multi-mini-split system.
  • No thermostat problem: Ductless heating and cooling provide a feasible alternative where primary heating is delivered by hot water or electricity (and hence is ductless). In new additions, ductless systems can supply heating, air filtration, and humidity control.
  • Greater efficiency: Ductless HVAC saves energy by calculating the heating and cooling required in each area. Mini-split systems eliminate the start-up spike and keep the temperature more evenly distributed.
  • Simple installation: Installation can be quicker and less disruptive when using a single-zone design.
  • Greater security: A window-mounted air conditioner only needs a 3-inch hole in the wall– so stay safe!
  • Better air quality: Many mini-splits filter the air and remove excess humidity in addition to heating and cooling it.
  • Safety: Ductless units are safer than gas or electric space heaters because they don’t produce fumes or cause fires.
  • Noise reduction: They are virtually silent compared to traditional window air conditioners.


  • Because of the ductless system’s higher efficiency, you may be able to make up the difference in energy expenditures over time. However, this depends on factors like climate and local electricity rates. You can ask for HVAC repair in Yucaipa for professional advice.
  • Because their job is air circulation, air exchangers are frequently installed high on the wall to be observed. Ceiling-mounted devices are less visually intrusive and allow individuals to enter and exit the facility discreetly.
  • The filters on the air exchangers must be removed and cleaned on a day-to-day basis for them to function correctly.
  • The heat pump in a mini-heat split pump can only extract warmth from cold air. It may not be practical to rely only on a heater to provide heat in areas where the temperature often goes below freezing.

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