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Ductless mini-split system

The ductless mini-split system is the best way to cool your home because it is an air conditioner that doesn’t require ductwork.

It’s a great option for people who want to cool their homes without the hassle of installing and maintaining ductwork. Though a better option than traditional HVAC, you may encounter the following problems with a ductless mini-split system.

Problems With Mini-Split Systems

  • Blockages

A common cause of indoor handler failure is blockages in the air intake. It can be caused by dust, dirt, or other debris. Make sure to check the air intake and clean it if necessary. Ensure proper ventilation, especially for ductless mini-split systems, to avoid ductless AC repair.

  • Lack of Maintenance

One of the most common reasons for a failed indoor handler is a lack of proper maintenance. It will eventually fail if you don’t clean and maintain your indoor handler regularly.

  • Wrong Size of The Room

The failed indoor handler could also be due to the wrong side of the room. If you have a too-small or too-large indoor handler, it won’t work properly and will eventually fail.

  • Your Handler Failed Because It Was Not Designed For The Specific Application

You can prevent it from happening again using a different handler model or sealing the openings around the handler to prevent air leakage.

  • Poor Installation

Often, the biggest problem with a ductless mini-split system is poor air conditioning installation Hemet. If the system is not installed properly, it can lead to several issues, including leaks, inefficient cooling, and uneven temperatures.

  • Refrigerant Leak In Ductless Mini-Split System

A refrigerant leak is when your system loses the Freon or other cooling agent inside the closed loop of your ductless mini-split system. It can happen due to a crack or hole in the tubing or from loose connections. One way to tell if you have a refrigerant leak is by feeling the tubing.

Refrigerant leaks can occur in any HVAC system but are most common in ductless mini-split systems. If left unchecked, a refrigerant leak can cause your system to lose its ability to cool your home effectively and require AC repair in Yucaipa. In extreme cases, it can also lead to compressor failure.

  • Leaks Behind Air Handlers

The air handler is responsible for circulating air throughout the ductless mini-split system. If there’s a problem with the air handler, it can cause leaks in the ductwork. To fix the problem, you’ll need to replace the air handler.

Leaks behind air handlers in the ductless mini-split system can be a serious problem. If you notice any leaks, it’s important to contact a professional immediately. Leaks can lead to water damage, mold growth, and other serious problems.


If you suspect trouble with your ductless mini-split system, the first thing you should do is contact a qualified HVAC technician from AQS Heating and Air Conditioning. We can help you prevent damage to your ductless mini-split system by providing regular maintenance and AC repair in Yucaipa.

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