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Air conditioner

If the air conditioner cannot cool your home properly, one of the first issues to consider is low refrigerant levels. Without enough refrigerant, the air conditioner cannot draw heat from the air in the house. Refrigerant is a fluid that flows through an air conditioner and absorbs and removes heat from the cooling chamber.

The refrigerant passes through the condenser and compressor, is converted from liquid to gas, and returned. If the system does not have the proper amount of this AC liquid, your device will not work very effectively. Low refrigerant levels often mean that there is a leak. Fortunately, a few signs indicate your air conditioner is low on refrigerant:

Indications of Low Refrigerant Levels in Your AC

  • No Cold Air

When the system runs out of refrigerant, you notice warm air coming out of the vents. In other words, it becomes difficult to cool the air entering the house. It is an indicator of low refrigerant levels.

  • Ice On Refrigerant Lines

If you see ice buildup on the refrigerant line, it could indicate a low refrigerant level. If the refrigerant level is not high enough, the pressure and the temperature will drop.

Ultimately, the temperature can be low enough to freeze what is known as an evaporator coil. Refrigerant line ice may indicate a problem with other systems, but certainly, HVAC experts for AC Repair in Hemet can properly diagnose the problem.

  • High Utility Bill

When you run out of refrigerant, your air conditioner must work harder than usual to keep your home cool. This extra load on the system uses more energy than usual and makes the electricity bill very high. As the summers arrive, you will see a modest increase in your utility bills.

  • Strange Sounds Coming From Your System

Another sign of low refrigerant levels is when you hear a strange swooshing noise from the air conditioner. Leaks can lead to noise while the refrigerant line is pressurized. In the case of refrigerant leakage, it is highly recommended that you contact an HVAC expert if you encounter any of these issues.

  • Water Leaking Around The Heater

Water can collect near the furnace if the ice that collects in the refrigerant line melts. This water can drip onto the floor or stove. A puddle around the furnace is the first sign of severely low refrigerant levels and requires urgent maintenance and repair. So you can contact a professional for air conditioning service in Yucaipa.


So these are some signs showing that you might have a low refrigerant level in your system. In this case, calling a professional HVAC expert is the right step. You can properly diagnose the problem, find a reliable solution, and get your system up and running quickly.

The best air conditioning professionals have professional tools to help you identify refrigerant leaks and see if your system needs refills. If your HVAC system has refrigerant-related problems, contact AQS Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioning installation in Yucaipa, recharge, leak repair, and all other AC service needs.

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