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Air conditioner repair

When the summer is right around the corner, you will want to make sure your air conditioner is prepared. Air Conditioning problems always seem to occur at the most inconvenient of times. However, we want you to know that AQS Heating & Air Conditioning is there for your needs and comfort.

Here Are Five Common Signs That Might Indicate Your Cooling Unit Needs a Repair

1. Warm Air Coming Out

Check the thermostat once when you feel hot or warm air blowing out of your home’s vents. Make sure it’s switched to cooling mode and set it to lower than your room temperature. If it still blows warm air, restricted airflow or a compressor issue is the problem.

At AQS Heating & Air Conditioning, we recommend handling the HVAC repairs and installations to the experts rather than DIYs. You can always leave your cooling needs to us.

2. Insufficient Airflow

Poor airflow is a sign that the air conditioner is not working efficiently, or the blockage prevents air from moving through. Look for a clogged air filter or a broken motor. Insufficient airflow is a common issue in most homes. In such cases, an energy-recovery ventilator can boost your AC unit by exchanging stale air with fresh air every time your system cycles.

Your air conditioner might also benefit from zoning systems. They can always ensure that you’re getting the right airflow and cooling power where you need it most.

3. Frequent Cycles

The air conditioner goes through relatively regular cooling cycles no matter how the weather is. You can expect your cooling system to turn on more frequently on hot summer days. However, it should not cycle on and off constantly.

We recommend a quick air conditioner tune-up to resolve frequent cycling. You can contact us for air conditioning repair in Hemet, CA.

4. AC Thermostat Not Working

The thermostat is said to be the command center of the system. It communicates with the AC, letting it know the amount of cold air it must generate. Also, it takes measurements to make sure it is doing its job. If your AC unit runs for a short period before shutting itself off or won’t turn on at all, this may indicate that the thermostat is not determining correctly if the system is operating.

You might want a trained HVAC specialist to examine this due to the complex electrical components involved. Our team is competent and skilled in helping you. You can always reach us for air conditioning installation in Hemet.

5. Not Enough Humidity Removed By The AC

One of the major jobs of an air conditioner is reducing the amount of humidity inside your house. Even in a low-humidity climate, the air always maintains a small amount of moisture. If you begin to notice some humidity indoors while the AC is still running, the unit may need repairing.

At AQS Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand how important it is for a home to have a properly working air conditioner. We handle all your repair and maintenance issues, ensuring your system works correctly as per your needs. You can reach us for air conditioning services in Yucaipa and more. Call us today at (833) 789-1696 for more information.

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