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sAir conditioning keeps you and your loved ones cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer months. It’s time to give your window air conditioner a little care if it’s been a while since you last cleaned it.

Maintaining a window AC unit will allow it to function efficiently and use less energy. Still, it will also prevent mould and mildew, which can cause adverse health effects from forming and growing inside the unit. If you need professional help, contact an expert for air conditioning installation in Hemet.

Is It Necessary to Clean My Window Air Conditioner Regularly?

You have to take care of several components of your window AC unit regularly, but the filter is an essential part. We recommend washing the removable filter once a month.

Your window AC filter might eventually need to be replaced as well, depending on how frequently you use your AC. The filter light on many units will come on when it is time to replace it, so you’ll know exactly when to change it.

You can remove your window AC unit, store it during off-season months, or invest in a window cover to protect it. Using either option will reduce the amount of dirt and debris that enters and gets onto the unit.

A Guide To Cleaning A Window Air Conditioner

Step 1: Clean The Air Filter

Ensure your air conditioner is unplugged from the power source before cleaning it. Next, remove the air conditioner’s filter.

Remove the filter and use a hand vacuum to remove as much dust and debris as possible. After that, grab a bucket of sudsy water and a bristle brush, and gently scrub the filter as needed until it is clean.

Step 2: Clean Air-Conditioner Coils and Fins

Find the evaporator coils and fins in your unit, which convert hot air into cool air, and clean them with a toothbrush or another soft-bristle brush.

Take care not to bend or damage the coils and fins by handling them roughly. To remove the remaining dirt and dust, spray the coils and fins with compressed air.

Step 3: Clean The Exterior and Grill

You should clean your air conditioner’s grill with a damp cloth or rag. Remove the grill according to the manufacturer’s instructions and submerge it in warm, soapy water, using a brush or rag to clean between the gaps.

Reinstall the grill after thoroughly drying it. After cleaning the top and sides of the window AC unit:

  • Wipe it down with a damp cloth.
  • Clean the drain and drip tray on your AC by emptying them and wiping them clean.
  • Allow the unit to dry completely before turning it back on.

Step 4: Prevent Mildew and Reassemble.

Apply hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle to the exterior areas where air flows through the air conditioner to prevent mould and mildew.

Ensure all parts have had time to dry completely before reinstalling them. Once your AC unit is clean, you kick back, relax, and enjoy fresh, cool air blowing into your home.

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