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Investing in furnace Installation in Hemet benefits you in many ways. The furnace mechanism is quite simple to understand. The gas valve makes gas accessible to the ignitor that burns a flame in the pilot light.

This flame makes the heat exchanger hot enough to convert cool air into hot air. Then, the blower fan pushes the hot air into our home through ductwork and throws out exhaust using a flue pipe.

If your heater suddenly stopped working, you may want to know what obstructed this simple mechanism.

Central Heating Not Working: Reasons And Solutions

You will find three furnaces based on their sources: gas, oil, and electric. The process and other service requirements are the same for all three furnaces. The only difference is the source they use for heating. Whether you use a gas, oil, or electric furnace, the reason for its failure and its solutions are almost the same.

1. Damaged Blower Capacitor

A blower capacitor maintains the electrical current flow and directs even airflow into your home. If you hear humming or clicking sounds on starting the furnace, it indicates failure in the blower capacitor.
When the blower capacitor is faulty, the motor will not work, and your heater will also stop working. You should look for a furnace repair in Hemet to fix the damaged capacitor.

2. The Component is Clogged

The furnace components like condensers, evaporated coils, air filters, air vents, drain lines, etc., get highly accumulated with dirt, debris, or other undesirable particles.

This accumulation leads to clogging that causes the furnace to stop working. It happens when you don’t clean your furnace system and avoid scheduling annual services. You should replace the air filter every month and schedule an air duct cleaning service once every three years.

3. You Hardly Schedule a Tune-Up

The tune-up service is the most convenient and essential method for furnace maintenance. It keeps the condition of all the components of the furnace system intact. If you avoid scheduling an annual tune-up service, you may need a new furnace installation in Hemet soon.

4. The Refrigerant Needs To Be Recharged

The furnace heats the refrigerant, which is transformed into hot air you get through your central heating unit. If there is not enough refrigerant, the furnace will stop working.

You will have to contact the technician for refrigerant recharge to fix the low coolant issues.

5. Thermostat Malfunctions

Some common heating mistakes related to the thermostat often lead to a furnace failure. Make sure you have set the fan on “Auto” mode and maintain accurate thermostat temperature settings. If the thermostat works using a battery, check the battery for replacement.

What To Do When The Heater Stops Working?

You will hardly face the problem if you service your furnace every year. If your heating system is not working, you can try restarting the circuit breaker, changing the thermostat settings, cleaning the furnace equipment, and lubricating the motor.

When the problem becomes frequent, contact the technician for furnace repair in Hemet. AQS Heating and Air Conditioning can assist you with your furnace requirements. Our work reflects the highest quality. Call us to schedule HVAC maintenance services for effective HVAC operation.

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