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The heater core is a coolant-circulating component that looks like a radiator. It consists of little tubes. You get warm air during winter all day only because of the heater core.

However, it can result in uncomfortable situations when it leaks. A leaking heating core reduces comfort and much-needed warmth. If you detect and fix the leakage on time, you can prevent such a situation.

You will need a heating service in Hemet to fix the leaking heater core. The leak can pose a hazard for you and your family.

Look for the Signs Below to Know if Your Heating Core Is Leaking

1. Fog is Covering The Windows

If you notice too much fog over the windows, it’s the warm condensation that rises due to a leaking heater core. When the coolant leaks, the warm air evaporates into steam and produces fog. Even the defroster will not help until you get the leaking area or the crack in the heater core fixed by a professional.

2. Reduced Indoor Warmth

When any crack leads to the leaking heater core, the first consequence of this leakage is warm air that escapes through the cracks. It will cause your heater to release cold air. The heater core enables the heater to circulate hot air.

If it gets damaged, it will not perform this task, and as a result, you will experience reduced warmth. Therefore, you will need a prompt heating repair in Hemet, CA, to get the comfort back.

3. Hot Heater, Cold Indoors

Coolant leaks are to blame when you feel cold inside despite turning the heater on. The heater core not only helps produce warm air but also prevents the risk of an overheated system.

The coolant is leaking if the heater is overheated, but the home is cold. If you ignore the leakage, the overheated system will soon need a replacement.

4. The Fruity Smell From The Vents

If suddenly you smell a fruity or sweet smell, similar to maple syrup, the coolant from the heating system is leaking.

Antifreeze has this kind of smell because it contains ethylene glycol. Schedule heating repair in Hemet, CA, soon to prevent the toxic leakage.

5. A Decrease in Coolant

When your heater has less coolant, you immediately go for coolant recharge, but you should observe how often and faster the coolant level decreases.

If the coolant level decreases faster than it is supposed to, the leakage is accountable for this. Therefore, you should schedule heating services in Hemet, CA, to have your heating system and heater core inspected by the technician.

Trust the Professional for Heater Core Repair

If minor cracks or holes are causing the leakage, you can get it repaired, but if the extremely poor condition of the heater core is causing this issue, you may need a replacement. AQS Heating and Air Conditioning is the leading HVAC company, established in 1986. We provide par-excellent services for all residential and commercial HVAC needs in the Inland Empire area.

Contact us to learn more about us and schedule an appointment.

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