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A heating system is integral to a comfortable living standard, and it is imperative to know the basics of the system to maintain it regularly. For heating services in Hemet and the surrounding areas, contact AQS Heating & Air Conditioning for regular maintenance of the system.

Top 7 Tips That You Can Follow To Maintain Your Heating System

  • Take Care of Your Heating System

A furnace is a machine that requires tune-up to work effectively throughout the year, especially in the winter season. Schedule a maintenance service at least twice yearly with AQS Heating & Air Conditioning. We are a reputed furnace repair service in Hemet. When you service your system after every season, you can eliminate the issues of wear and tear from the system, thus increasing the efficiency of your unit.

  • Understand The Thermostat Setting

A thermostat is a significant component. It manages the heat across your home. A heating system has three key settings, i.e., cool, heat, and emergency heat. Understand the thermostat setting and adjust it according to your preference.

  • Inspect and Replace The Filters

You must inspect the filters every three months and ensure that these filters are in working condition. If these are not in working condition anymore, you must replace the filters. If you require assistance and reside in Hemet, contacting a professional such as AQS Heating & Air Conditioning for heating service is recommended.

  • Keep The Outdoor Unit Clean

Maintenance is not complete without checking on the outdoor unit. You must ensure that the outdoor unit is not covered with leaves or dust. Remove the dirt to make way for its better working condition.

  • Clear The Ducts

The air ducts must be clean for a heating system to operate effectively. Any obstruction in the passageway will reduce the system’s capabilities. It is advised to inspect the ducts regularly to ensure safe and free passage. At the same time, the need for cleaning the ducts increases when pets, water damage, or people with allergies are in the house.

  • Oil Various Parts in Your System

You must lubricate all the moving parts in your system. The oiling is done to secure the better performance of your furnace. The more freely the parts can operate, the less energy the unit will consume.

  • Do Not Overwork Your System

Never overwork your system. Ensure that the door and windows are insulated and outside air is not entering your home. The more you make things easy for your heating system, the longer it will serve you.


You are responsible for inspecting the furnace. If you do require assistance regarding furnace repair service in Hemet, contact AQS Heating & Air Conditioning.

We are a team of trained professionals who know how to serve clients well. Leave your worries with us, and we will ensure you get the best services and solutions. Call us at (833) 789-1696 to learn more.

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