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When your heater suddenly malfunctions, it may be difficult to identify the root cause of system failure, as several reasons may be responsible for this.

Such issues cause a lot of trouble to the owners and significantly impact the system’s efficiency. Regular maintenance and heating repairs in Yucaipa are of foremost importance. It will help the owners troubleshoot such faults before they become major issues.


1. The Heater’s Power is Off

Power switches are the most common but ignored reason behind the heater not working. Homeowners usually forget to switch on the power switch, and it is tricky to operate a furnace without a power supply. Therefore, ensure your power supply is properly switched on.

2. Thermostat is Malfunctioning

The thermostat helps in regulating the temperature of the system. Any malfunction in the thermostat will have an impact on the system’s efficiency. Moreover, it can cause the system to overwork to meet the temperature requirements, which is why it’s essential to fix thermostat-related issues as quickly as possible.

3. The Heater is not Blowing Warm Air

Indoor blockages are the main reason for the heater not blowing air. It prevents proper air circulation and causes the heater to overheat and shut down. Many heaters have an air filter that may get clogged due to the accumulation of dirt and debris. A heating repair in Hemet, CA, will help the owners solve these filter-related issues and maintain the efficiency of their heating system.

4. The Flue Pipe is Blocked

Blocked flue pipes are another reason for the heating system’s failure. The gas-powered furnace can exhaust these pipes. Therefore, homeowners must consult an expert HVAC technician to look after it.

5. Improper Insulation of the System

Improper insulation hinders the system’s efficiency in warming the home. Sometimes the rodents present in the ductwork can damage it. Damaged ductwork can leak warm air into the attic instead of circulating in the home’s interior. Therefore, homeowners should ensure proper circulation in the home and maintain the ductwork.

6. Ignitor and Flame Sensor Problems

Modern heating systems use an ignition system that only lights the flame for the furnace. Clicking sounds coming from the heater signify a problem with the igniter. Scheduling a proper repair schedule is essential to prevent igniter-related problems.

7. Cracked or Failed Heat Exchanger

When the heat exchanger is cracked or rusted, it can no longer perform its job and requires immediate replacement. Ignoring it can cause a fire and may burn the furnace parts. Therefore, replace the damaged heat exchanger to prevent the system from a major breakdown.

8. Failed Electrical Components

The heating system consists of numerous electrical and mechanical components. Sometimes these components suffer some damage, which reduces the system’s efficiency. Other electrical components may malfunction as they operate. Therefore, consulting an HVAC technician is essential to repair these electrical components.


Efficiently working heaters is the foremost requirement in the winter season. AQS Heating & Air Conditioning provides the best heating service in Hemet and will help the owners fix the issues.

Owners can contact us at (833) 789-1696 We are glad to help.

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