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Heat Pump

The purpose of a heat pump is to circulate warm air from one place to another in your house. Heat is transferred from the outside to the inside of your home by the heat pump during winter. In the summer season, this process is reversed.


Heat pumps save you money on energy bills compared to traditional furnaces and air conditioning systems in Hemet, CA. You can save 40% – 60% on your heating costs with a heat pump if you live in a moderate-climate area of California. In addition to being safe, heat pumps are also efficient. Smoke, ash, and other waste materials are not generated.

Warning Signs Indicating A Heat Pump Needs Replacement

  • Lived Out Its Life Expectancy

Older heat pumps aren’t as efficient at heating and cooling your home as they once were. You’ll spend more money on repairing it rather than replacing it.

  • Repairing It Frequently

Heat pumps in Hemet are prone to failure when they undergo frequent repairs. It is more cost-effective to purchase a new system than keep spending money on repairs. Call a heat pump repair service in Yucaipa if you feel like repairing it.

  • Increasing Energy Costs

Your heat pump will lose efficiency over time, resulting in high energy bills. Heat pump replacement is a more economical and long-term solution.

  • It Loses Efficiency

When your heat pump does not provide a consistent heating and cooling effect throughout your home, it may be time to maintain or replace it. Heat pumps need to be serviced annually to maintain peak performance and avoid costly repairs. Maintaining your heat pump can extend its lifespan by up to 25%. It ensures to meet your long-term efficiency requirements.

Sometimes repair and troubleshooting is necessary to ensure the reliability of heat pumps. It’s usually more cost-effective to repair a model less than ten years old than to replace it. Typically, a manufacturer’s warranty covers repair work on heat pumps under certain conditions. Therefore, it can reduce or eliminate your repair expenses.

Signs That You Need To Repair Your Heat Pump

  • Loud or Strange Noises

Noise should not be an issue with your heat pump. Grinding noises could indicate a serious motor issue. Contact a heat pump repair service in Hemet if the system seems too loud.

  • Visible Leakage

A hole in the supply line of your heat pump could cause it to leak. Leaks that are ignored can result in expensive repairs. You need to contact a heating repair service in Hemet, CA, to fix this problem.

  • Burning Smell

Overheating the motor can cause the system to shut down completely, or it may malfunction. Therefore, it is necessary to call a trained technician before this problem causes any further major damage.

The AQS Heating & Air Conditioning team provides quality heat pump repair and replacement services throughout Hemet and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians will assist you in deciding whether to repair or replace it.

Give us a call at (833) 789-1696 today!

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