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Air Conditioner Smells

Your AC is one of your most used home appliances. Due to increased use, especially during the summer, the system will naturally experience wear and tear. To mitigate some of these issues, scheduling regular AC services will help maintain your desired temperature in the summer. If you fail to maintain your system, one issue you can potentially encounter are foul smells emanating from your AC.

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Top Three Foul AC Smells And How You Can Eliminate The Problem

Even though the AC system helps us be comfortable at home, the problem of foul odor can get on your nerves if not treated as early as possible. You should understand the condition, try to identify the odors, and find a solution. Here are three usual AC smells, and what you can do to remove these conditions:

  • The Problem Of Rotten Eggs: If you start smelling the odor of rotten eggs, you can rest assured such a condition is due to dead rodents, birds, or critters. It gets worse over time if not attended early. Sometimes, birds or insects enter the AC but can’t get out.
    You need to identify the location of the smell and slowly proceed with caution. However, if you find the process too risky or complex, you can opt for our professional air conditioning repair service in Hemet, CA. You can also ask our professionals to make your AC ducts rodent-proof too.
  • The Problem Of A Musty Smell: The stale or dingy smell is relatively common with air conditioning systems. Such a condition indicates liquid damage to the system. Sometimes, when you don’t clean the water drain pan regularly, the accumulated water leaves out a musty smell. This can also be the reason for fungus damage.
    Another reason for the musty or moldy smell is the filters. If you live in a hot and humid climate, the AC will give out this smell when you turn on the system. It happens because of the dirty filters accumulating moisture in the air.
  • The Problem Of Burning Smell: Something is burning if the air conditioning system smells like plastic or gunpowder. Since such a condition is quite serious, our AC repair technicians in Hemet advise the homeowner not to do anything with the DIY method. You will smell such an odor when the circuit board or any system part is burning inside.
    Sometimes, a burning smell can erupt when something is not burning. Since the system runs almost all the time, regular wear and tear are common and produce this burning smell.


The air conditioning system produces many other types of odor as well. However, it is vital to understand the system’s condition by identifying the smells. You can also refer to the owner’s manual in this respect.

At this point, you need the support of a reliable air conditioning repair service in Hemet, CA, like AQS Heating & Air Conditioning. Our trained individuals can address any AC issue. Try our AC service at an affordable rate.

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