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Air Conditioner

When summer is around the corner, you can’t afford to be casual about your air conditioning system. It is important to maintain your system with the help of our professionals. Before you contact us though, there are a few things you can do on your own that can help you inspect your system. Continue reading for more information.


For several months, the AC system remains idle, which is why you must follow these below-mentioned tips to prepare your AC:

  • Clean Or Replace The Filters: Air filters are like the lungs of your AC system. It is important to replace or clean the air filters every few months to keep dust, pollen, and airborne particles out of the air before you turn it on in summer.
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  • Keep The Ducts Clean: Like the air filters, you should focus on the ducts too. If you find dust collection in the ducts, you should not delay cleaning the area. All you have to do is take a duster or microfiber cloth to remove the dust from the vents. Keeping the ducts clean is easier than the air filters.
  • Inspect The Refrigerant Level: Refrigerant is the key reason why you get fresh cool air in your rooms. If your AC doesn’t have enough refrigerant, you should not hurry and rather wait for our HVAC technician to arrive. Without enough refrigerants, you might face the following problems:
    1. The system keeps running without cooling your home.
    2. There will be no cold air.
    3. The system will consume excessive energy, etc.
  • Keep The Outdoor Unit Clean: When you decide to turn your AC on, you must inspect the condition of the outdoor unit because that is where the compressor is. The compressor is known to be the heart of the air conditioning system. When your outdoor unit remains covered with dust, dirt, dry leaves, new plants or snow, etc., it can’t function adequately. As a result, you will not receive cool air in your house.
  • Contact An Expert AC Service Provider: Every AC needs adequate servicing before it begins working in the summer. An appropriate servicing by our reliable air conditioning installation service technician in San Bernardino will help your system run flawlessly and effortlessly. Our technicians will inspect, clean, repair, or replace different parts of the system so that you don’t have to worry about your comfort.


As a homeowner, taking care of your AC is a part of your responsibility and our technicians can support you in this matter; whether it’s an AC replacement service in San Bernardino or an AC tune-up, trust the experts at AQS Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide top-notch service for any AC owner at a reasonable price. We have a team of dedicated HVAC professionals to support you.

Call us at (833) 789-1696 to learn more!

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