Damaged Air Ducts

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Even though it is a terrifying thought, rodents could live in your home and cause significant damage to your ductwork. Unfortunately, when they become trapped and die the unpleasant smell spreads throughout the entire place. When that happens it is time to call an expert.

AQS Heating and Air Conditioning was contacted to help a homeowner in Wildomar, CA suspecting of damage to the ducts caused by rodents. Upon inspection our experienced technician located the problem behind a wall in the transition between the upstairs and downstairs. Rodents were trapped in the ducts and in an attempt to escape created irreversible damage to the ducts. A plan was presented to rectify the situation and get home back to what it used to be.

Our team started by replacing the trunk line that was torn in two locations from rodents. An additional smashed duct that was preventing proper airflow was also replaced. Ducts were sealed, secured and required tests were performed to assure correct levels of airflow.

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