Heat Pump Condenser And Air Handler Replacement Riverside, CA

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There is nothing worse than not having A/C in one of the hottest months on record in California.

Our customer in Riverside, California was experiencing problems with the Air Conditioning unit at his residence in the middle of a heat wave. The heat pump condenser unit was operating but not cooling. AQS Heating and Cooling was contacted to help fix the problem. After completing a thorough inspection of the complete system our technician found that the compressor was failing and leaking Freon. Due to the age (1989) and condition of the unit our technician recommended replacement.

Our lead installer Jonathan Lopez and his team started the replacement by removing the old equipment. Modifications to match the layout of the new units were completed, a drain pan with safety switch and a new disconnect were installed. The system was replaced by a new 2.5 ton Carrier heat pump condenser and air handler.

AQS Heating and Cooling completed this job successfully and we are happy that our customer is now able to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment.

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