Mobile Home Complete System Replacement In Cherry Valley, CA

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The purpose of your home’s HVAC system is to create a comfortable environment for you and your family. When that level of comfort can’t be achieved it is time to call the experts.

In Cherry Valley, CA a homeowner reached out to AQS Heating and Cooling after experiencing problems with her Air Conditioning unit and Furnace. She expressed her frustration with previous contractors that were not able to locate the problem.

Our experienced technician met with the customer and upon a complete inspection found a grounded compressor and no power to the unit due to the sudden current surge. Additional issues were found on the mobile home furnace, a strong gas smell indicating a cracked heat exchanger making it unsafe to operate. A complete system replacement was recommended due to age and safety concerns.

The installation team completed the necessary adjustments to line sets, condensate lines , vents, gas and electrical to work with the new equipment. A new 5 ton Lennox condenser and mobile home furnace were installed.

This homeowner is very happy with the services provided by AQS Heating and Cooling and is now enjoying her new system.

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