Package Unit Replacement In Riverside, CA

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As far as your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system goes, what’s out of sight is out of mind. This is especially true when your HVAC system is literally on the roof.

Tired of his increasingly monthly utility bills and inefficient package unit a homeowner in the city of Riverside, CA decided to take action. He contacted AQS Heating and Air Conditioning to assess the situation and provide him with the best options. Our comfort expert recommended replacing it with a new package unit for better energy efficiency and maximum comfort.

Our installation team started by removing the old HVAC package unit and platform. A crane was called to assist with the removal and installation of the new equipment. A new curb was installed to support the weight of the new unit and keep the water outside the house where it belongs. Gas line and electrical components were modified to work with the layout of the new 3 ton Goodman package unit.

Our customer was really happy with the job and ready to save money on his utility bills.

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