Unsealed Return Plenum And Condenser Replacement

Sealed Plenum

Properly sealed return plenum.

Album Description

A home in Moreno Valley, CA was purchased with some known issues. The property management group contacted the experts at AQS Heating and Air Conditioning to complete a full HVAC system inspection and provide an estimate for system replacement.

We started by inspecting the furnace and found no issues there. An air leak was detected in the garage caused by an unsealed return plenum. The compressor in the condenser grounded out and there was a refrigerant leak in the coils leaving the unit empty. A condenser replacement was recommended.

Our installation team started by removing the existing condenser. The return plenum under the furnace was properly sealed and insulated as required for Title 24. An AC PRO 5 ton condenser was installed. Finally, a new disconnect box, pad and earthquake strapping were added to complete the job.

The company was very satisfied with our services and this home is now ready for a new tenant to enjoy.

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