Heat Pump Replacement Service In Highland, CA

Heat Pump Replacement Service In Highland, CA, And Surrounding Areas

The heat pump can be a highly effective piece of equipment that will ensure your house stays cool during the summer and warm in the winter months at an affordable cost. For instance, they often produce 3-4 units of heat for one unit of electricity.

The homeowners appreciate these systems because they offer many years of energy-efficient and reliable convenience. However, there will be a time when a heat pump replacement in Highland is required. Call us at (951) 487-6700.

Signs that it's time to consider the replacement of your heat pump

Ask yourself these questions before replacing a heat pump

Heat pumps can be very effective. The general guideline is that the more significant the initial investment, the lower your payments. It's up to you to choose which heat pump will work best in your financial budget.

Air-source heat pumps absorb the heat of the outside air to heat your home during the winter and then remove heat from your home in the summer.

Mini-splits (also known as ductless units) are equipped with air source technology. However, they allow proper zoning, with various configurations for indoor units.

Dual-fuel systems are heat pumps that are paired with another heating device. If the temperatures are low enough for your heat pump to work efficiently, your alternative heating source, like the furnace, will be activated.


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